Staff at COYA

Core values


“It’s all about working together to achieve amazing results for the guests, team and COYA – one team, one dream!”

COYA Misson Statement

To deliver an unforgettable Latin American experience and bring the COYA lifestyle to the world.

COYA Vision

COYA was born from the spirit of adventure. We are young-at-heart; a family of fun individuals with a shared mission to seek out the most exciting flavours in international contemporary cuisine and bring them to as many friends as possible. Loyal to our eclectic tastes, we found our inspiration in vibrant Peru, home to Incan heritage and the original fusion food. We invite you to explore the COYA lifestyle. From the moment you step into COYA we strive to create an immersive, sensory experience, from our innovative home-infused Pisco to our Incan-inspired architecture. More than a meal, COYA is a culture. Join us as we bring an unforgettable Latin American experience to the world.