Staff Stories

Pramod, Head Bartender, COYA Dubai

“I joined COYA because I was looking for a new experience and I was intrigued by the Latin American lifestyle. Four years later and I’m still just as intrigued and excited! As a bartender, having the freedom to learn, create and experiment is very important and I have found all of this at COYA.  

My journey has been colourful and memorable for so many reasons. We work hard and as with any job there are challenges, but the best thing is that every single day since I have been at COYA I have learnt something new or someone has put a smile on my face.

Winning the Best Restaurant Bar award this year was an incredible achievement. We’re passionate about what we do and we work hard to achieve our goals. It was great to be able to share our success with the team and this has motivated us to work even harder and continue to improve.

My advice to anyone looking join COYA is that COYA is all yours to discover! What ever your background, whether you are a bartender, a chef or a waiter, you will learn something new.  COYA has opened my eyes to a whole new world of experiences and knowledge and the people I’ve met have changed my life.”

Roberto, Chef de Partie, COYA Angel Court London

“When I first joined COYA I was looking for a new challenge. I was interested in learning more about Peruvian and Asian fusion food and I was very impressed by all the new flavours I tasted during my trial shift. I started with a positive attitude, hungry to learn and eager to listen.

The chefs constantly give me opportunities to learn and improve and thanks to them, one year later, I am a completely different chef. My most memorable moment was when I was nominated as the first chef of the month at COYA Angel Court. It had been a very busy period, everyone was going the extra mile and putting in a lot of effort so it felt great to be recognised.

My advice to anyone looking to join COYA, particularly in the kitchen, is to listen, be humble and be open. There is so much for you to learn and discover, but you need to be open to new experiences.  You’ll work with a team who shares your passion for food and the chefs will guide you to become a better chef each day.”

Kinga, Members’ Club Supervisor, COYA Mayfair London

“I first joined COYA when I moved to London and was looking for a job where I could improve my English. It wasn’t easy in the beginning but the team were so welcoming and helpful. My English improved quickly and my confidence grew, which helped me progress within the company.

I’ve been at COYA for 5 years now and my most memorable moment is winning employee of the year!

I’ve met people from all around the world and what I love the most is that we all support and help each other; we work as a team. My journey at COYA wouldn’t be the same without my colleagues.”