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Monte Carlo • Sat Jan, 2022

Lukas Avalon

Monegasque artist Lukas Avalon collaborates with COYA to create two unique NFT's in celebration of the 10-year anniversary. Uncover the exclusive COYA Paris x Lukas Avalon NFT which pays tribute to the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, a haute couture icon like no other in Paris. Or why not discover the COYA Monte Carlo x Lukas Avalon NFT which showcases Grace Kelly, the people's Princess of Monaco.

The artistic stylings of Lukas Avalon incorporate a range of bold colours that are at the core of COYA.

Both NFT's will be sold as an edition of 10 with 5 colour variations. Once the collections are sold out, there will be an internal draw and the original paintings will be shipped to 1 of the 10 NFT owners.

Another draw will take place where + 5 original Lukas Avalon 80x60cm signed and numbered prints will be sent to 5 out of the 10 NFT owners.

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