Music plays a key role in creating a dynamic atmosphere unique to COYA. DJs and live bands entertain our guests seven days a week.



COYA Dubai showcases a variety of established and upcoming photographers, artists, illustrators, sculptors and underexposed talent alike with year round hosted events. The COYA Collective is a signature movement that defines COYA’s ethos and beliefs and curates different art exhibitions which last 6 to 8 weeks whilst building its own art collection as each artist leaves a pieace of art behind as a "Thank You" gift.

If you are interested in showcasing your work, contact eve@coyarestaurant.ae .



The COYA Collective is the host of the brand’s famous annual parties. Hosted every quarter, COYA turns into the vibrant evening gem as guests can party until 3am during the four events that mark the equinoxes and solstices worldwide: Dia de Los Muertos, New Year's Eve, Equinox party in March and the White summer party. COYA also celebrates monthly Latin American parties hosted in the Pisco Lounge.