About COYA

Overview - Accolades

COYA was launched in London in 2012 and has since become one of the world’s most celebrated global Restaurant, Pisco lounge which is known for its unique Pisco Library, Members’ Club and an art showcase space as well as COYA has become famous for its continuous parties.

Famed for its bespoke décor, designed by the London based design team Sagrada, COYA links vibrant, contemporary Peruvian cuisine with a cultural experience. Hosting a continuous flow of artistic entertainment in music and the arts all year round, COYA is renowned for its creative cuisine and dynamic dining experiences which start from a moment you walk in to COYA.

Since the opening of the original London restaurant in 118 Piccadilly, the brand expanded globally.

Destinations include COYA Mayfair and COYA Angel Court in London, COYA Dubai, COYA Abu Dhabi and COYA Miami.